A Note From the Boss


Your clients should be cleansing their lashes DAILY. I said what I said. It is important to make sure your client is aware that clean lashes result in better retention. This is NOT a conversation you skip over! 

Now let's talk adhesive. Your adhesive comes with specific instructions. How to store it, recommended temperatures, what humidity percentage will cure in what amount of time. All things we need to be aware of while achieving the perfect set. So if you have not been mindful of all these things, you’re going to need to get back to the basics!

Retention is crucial to building and maintaining a clientele. Ensure you are prepping before your set by cleansing and priming. Don't forget to reiterate aftercare instructions before, during, AND after your set.



Mastering the “Art of Lashing” does not confirm that you’re a business guru, so let me school you. Building YOUR business is going to depend solely on the people you attract and the policies you enforce.

Ew. That sounded too “professional,” right? Doesn’t have to be! Personally, I pride myself on the exact opposite. There’s no secret to building a clientele and/or maintaining one besides being authentically, YOU! So today and everyday “Show up, and show out”.

Jasmine Clayton
Founder & CEO